Our Difference

We understand law firms are different and require fast turn around times, secure communication and attention to detail in the work your virtual team provides.

The high quality work must be consistently provided in every matter.


Our process allows you to start with one offsite team member and grow the team as your capacity demand grows.  If  you need to scale down your team, we require 60 days notice to enable us to find an alternative role for the team member


We have experience assisting sole practitioners and small firms increasing their capacity to meet their needs.  We carefully manage the transition of the workflow.  We understand that our success is based on whether we are able to help you deliver better value to your clients.


We are committed to providing cost effective legal outsourcing/LPO.  We are constantly improving our technology and resources to ensure we deliver the most cost effective solutions to you.  Our pricing model is flexible and extremely competitive as a result of our leading edge technology platform and quality control processes. 

We want to save you money and know we can only do that if we provide consistent high quality work. 


We understand the time pressures that law firms operate under.

We aim to ensure your virtual staff deliver all actionable items, reports and letters within agreed time frames to meet your particular needs.


We practice strict privacy and data security we comply with all Australian privacy laws including the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and Australian Privacy Principles. All staff are trained in Privacy procedures, and protocols in accordance with best practices.  We understand the sensitive and confidential nature that legal work involves.

We use industry standard best practice encryption protocols to keep your data safe.


We understand the nature of legal work requires accuracyand consistent attention to detail due nature of the matters involved. 

We constantly monitor our accuracy parameters to ensure the quality of the work of your offsite team.