Save cost and increase client resources

Our clients generally save on average at least 60% of the usual staffing cost by using offsite team members. 

Your offsite team know their work must be reliable and consistently of high quality all the time because every file is an actual person relying on you to give expert advise.  We understand this basic premise in our DNA.  Other BPO or LPO’s might provide cheaper services or great service initially but our team is committed to partnering with you in the long term by maintaining the high quality of your team.

We are committed to providing cost effective legal outsourcing.  We are constantly improving our technology and resources to ensure we deliver the most cost effective solutions to you.  Our pricing model is flexible and extremely competitive as a result of our leading edge technology platform and quality control processes. 

We want to save you money and know we can only do that if your offsite team provides consistent and high quality work.

Billing Cycle

Our standard payment terms are 14 days.  We issue invoices at the end of every month.

Legal Transcription Cost

Interview/Court Transcription

Turn around timePrice
2 business day$2.50 per minute
3 business day$2.00 per minute



Turn around timePrice
1 business day$2.00 per minute
4 hourprice on application