Virtual Conveyancing Paralegals

Why use an offsite conveyancing assistant?

Virtual Secretary and Reception staffSave up to 60% of the cost of your in house conveyancing paralegal staff.

Let your staff focus on client calls and client meetings instead of the administrative task based part of the conveyancing process.

Our virtual conveyancing paralegals are able to assist you in running your conveyancing practice:


What do the conveyancing paralegals do?

From file opening to ordering title searches, preparing contracts, drafting settlement figures. Our virtual conveyancing paralegals are able to assist you to manage your files efficiently.



You can be up and running with an offsite team members in as little as a week depending on the setup/virtual staff that you require. Importantly you can start small with one virtual staff and scale up or down depending on your capacity requirements. Reducing staff requires a period of 60 days notice to enable the staff to be redeployed to another role.

What is the process?


We help you plan and setup your offsite team.

It is important to carefully understand your requirements, scope of works.

Whether you need one secretary or a team of lawyer equivalent paralegals we can assist.

Build & Hire

We take care in building your offsite team.  We carefully select the required team members.

You conduct remote briefings and demo files with the virtual paralegal(s).  Once you are satisfied and have confidence with the system then the system goes operational‘live’ with strict supervision.


We assist you to manage your offsite team.

We provide all the workspace, computer and communication requirements for your virtual team.  We assist you to manage their progress and workflow including assisting you to supervise the quality of the work output.